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BEYOND BOUDOIR: Stripping Away Your Fears, Undressing Your Insecurities And Embracing Yourself

By Sarah Josalyn


We’ve all had those same feelings.

The insecurities. The laser-beam-focus on your flaws. The cruelty towards yourself. The words you could never imagine saying to your best friend somehow are geared so easily towards yourself.

Girl, same.

I’ve had so much hatred for my body since before I can even remember. I’ve always thought I was “so fat” and now I look back at pictures from fifteen, ten, even five years ago and think “Oh my god, I was so hot! I was so beautiful! If only I still looked like that! If only I had realized!” I think we all do that, don’t we?

One of my other biggest insecurities has always been my smile. My teeth. I have a huge overbite, and it’s something I’ve always disliked about myself. It has consistently made me feel… not pretty. However, in a couple of weeks I will be getting clear aligners and should have a straighter, more ideal smile by the end of this year. I’m so excited!

This got me thinking… Although this is something I’ve always felt so insecure about, how am I going to feel when I look back in ten or fifteen years?

And my answer is, I’m probably going to think that I wish I had realized just how beautiful my smile was, even though I thought it was one of my greatest flaws

Why not capture this moment in time?

You’ll probably be surprised to hear that I

decided to schedule a boudoir photoshoot. Even though my cruel inner voice tells me how I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. That I’m not “perfect” yet. That I should wait until I lose weight, fix my teeth, and on and on and on. And yet, that is exactly why I wanted to do this.

Why, you ask?

Because, someday when I’m 80 years old I’ll wish I had been able to see just how beautiful I am. My heart will break for the cruel words I fed myself. For trying to hide my imperfections and telling myself I somehow am not good enough. Because in ten, fifteen, fifty years I’ll know that none of that is true. So then, why not capture this moment in time?

I want to live my life loving myself in every shape and size, with every seeming blemish. I know I’m at my heaviest, and I’m working on changing habits to become a healthier version of me. And I’m also beautiful. You are also beautiful.

Right now is the perfect time to embrace your unique beauty.

This is the time for us to flip the script on these harsh ideologies we’ve been fed our entire lives. This rhetoric on body image and what the ideal woman is supposed to be. You are bold, captivating and attractive right now. Something about boudoir really empowers you.

I don’t know what it is, but no matter how shy and nervous you feel, somehow the experience is so empowering. You feel sexy. You just know you are a sensuous goddess. That moment of stripping down is like peeling away the insecurities. The lingerie becomes a comforting kind of armor. Suddenly, you’re dressed (or undressed) for battle – that battle being your stepping stone to self-love.

Beyond Boudoir - the magic touch.

Photographer and hype woman, Aneasha Caldwell is the founder of Beyond Boudoir and the woman with the vision behind the camera. Not only does she encourage self-love, but her magic behind the camera seems to bring out that confidence and boldness from within you. “I’d love to provide you with a top shelf self-care experience for you to embrace exactly where you’re at right now.” Aneasha explains, “I cannot wait to show you your own story through my lens, you’ve never seen yourself quite like this before.”

She has a unique vision, unlike that of many others. Don’t worry about being inexperienced or camera shy. She’ll not

only make you feel so comfortable that you forget you’re even doing a photoshoot – she also knows how to find just the right angles and lighting to highlight your beauty. She will guide you and help expertly position and pose you to enhance every aspect of your allure. Aneasha adds, “I want my sessions to be the ultimate luxury, treat yourself, you deserve it as you are right now, experience.”

Another notable feature that sets Beyond Boudoir apart from others is their core values. “By booking with us, you are purchasing one of a kind art while also supporting a small business that is owned and operated by women who support the LGBTQ+ and POC communities we serve in.” Aneasha expresses how important it is to her to support women, small businesses and minorities. “I want my clients to know their dollars are being used in a much more impactful way than they realize on initial purchase.”

Love the skin you're in.

I highly encourage women from all walks of life to give boudoir a try no matter what chapter they are in physically. You may feel that you have to lose weight, get in shape, be more confident, or whatever else is causing your apprehension.

Whatever else may seem meaningless when you look back on your life.

However, I hope my story emboldens and inspires you to see how beautiful you are in this present moment. And I hope you celebrate each and every moment.


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